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Taupe can be anything from dramatic and dark to perfectly pale and neutral.  It can be used in the background or be the focal point of a room.  Dark, intense colors like Manganese from Abitare la Terra can transform the mood of the room creating sense of gothic revival.  Lighter shades like the Adventurist pattern in the Balanced color way can add a fun and refreshing alternative.   Looking for a modern chic design? Create sleek lines by using the Whisk me away blocks or the 5” x5” square in the color Pebble Without a Cause.   Is a cozy earthy feel more your vibe?  Suave Due’s tumbled Volpe creates a warm old world feel while the Terra Dolce emulates the feeling of travertine but with the durability of a porcelain tile.  Personalize your space today with a variety of our building blocks.  

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